AK66 Game Controller for PUBG


  • Specially Designed for PUBG,
  • Trigger Feel,
  • Don’t Block the Screen,
  • don’t Block Keys,
  • Suitable for All Mobile Phones.
  • Physical Pressing,
  • Sensitive Without Delay.
  • The Lever Can Be Turned 90 Degrees Without Blocking the Screen.


Highly sensitive:Designed with human-like finger touch, It blends perfectly with the phone screen, And shoots quickly, Allowing you to win the game.
6 Finger Gamepads: Keep tilting probes, Shoot quickly, Not easy for enemies to find themselves, A good way to hide.
Want to win the game? With it, it can increase the probability of winning by 80% and enjoy the enjoyment of the game. It is a very good Pubg game assistant.
Strengthen grip:A solid handle with good material that holds the phone firmly and does not let it slip or fall.


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